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Community Spaces

How would you like to engage with your local community in 2030? What spaces could you enjoy? Where would you want to connect with neighbours, friends and family?




What if?

All new community spaces to be created were planned with and managed by the local community.


More community spaces could be accessed free of charge.


Your street became not a place where cars are parked but a place where kids play, and where you have space to hang out, bump into people and take your time.





On Saturday the 1st of May 2021 we hosted a workshop to explore the delicious futures we would like to see unfold by 2030. Here is the discussion that came out of it:

Watch It Here




"Because London is cosmopolitan, we've got all these different skills of being able to cook different kinds of food from around the world. So what about if you had a community kitchen where you could come along and someone would be teaching you to cook, you know, like jerk chicken or Ethiopian food."




"We talked about inclusive shared spaces [...] Spaces that have a niche for every taste : So there's a quiet area, there's a music area, there's a crafting and art area. And people can find their comfort zone, equally they can wander into other peoples' to taste new cultures, new skills, new activities. Kind of like a festival. So it's the idea of festivalising the future."

Feedback from Duncan's breakout room


Art by @gen_fts



"We need long term spaces so that you can develop your business model, you can afford to take risks because you know you are not going to lose the space if it doesn't immediately pick up [...] It just takes that pressure off that you're not constantly thinking how can I maintain this space. I've got this space, now I can get on with just trying out some ideas."



"We can obviously build these community ideas and look for spaces around us. But, if we want to make this something mainstream, do we need to create the idea that actually community spaces are not valued enough and they need to be more valued and they need to be almost put into the planning applications. Planning applications should say you must have a community space so big for so many homes [...] so there is no way around it because at the moment anything like that will always get value engineered out."



Art by @gen_fts



"[The bank of Lambeth project would be] a local instrument whose job is to invest in the local economy, to invest in community spaces, to invest in enabling stuff and money to go round and round locally, enriching the local population. [...] That idea of valuing the local and making it something those with money can invest in because it yields some kind of return but it also yields an impact and a social benefit that benefits them and their neighbours."






Join the conversation by sending us your vision for the future of Lambeth in writing, images, video or sound. What would your local community be like in 2030?




Get in touch with Transition Town Brixton if you would like to get involved:


The more people like you that volunteer, the more delicious visions we'll be able to gather. If you can give some time or skills to helping What If Lambeth? please sign up as a volunteer.