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Food glorious food! How do you see our relationship with food being in 2030? What will you be eating? Where will it be grown? Where will you procure it? How can we help realise our desires here?




What if?

All municipal planting was productive, biodiverse, native, resilient and for the benefit of the local community.


Food banks and soup kitchens became obsolete and were replaced by community cafes and food pantries.


Planning laws took into account growing spaces and the distribution and storage of food.







On Thursday the 6th of May 2021 we hosted a workshop to explore the delicious futures we would like to see unfold by 2030. Here is the discussion that came out of it :

Watch It Here








"Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone knew where there was an open access garden that they can grow at or can go pick from."




"At the heart of it all should be that everybody can eat. The whole priority is that, and then we organise out from that."


Art by @gen_fts


"Some people have fruit trees in their front yards and no one harvests them and the fruit just drop to the ground and [we could] find a way to get something set up where people can harvest the stuff and turn it into jams [...] and then maybe give a jam back to the person who's tree it is."




"I'd love to get together and make pasta with other people [...] and have that abundant harvest of it rather than what I can be bothered to do in 10 minutes just myself."




"Cooking for the community and putting it on an app is a great way to get community cooking to people who normally buy convenience meals in plastic [from the supermarket]."




Art by @gen_fts


"With more and more people going to zero waste, bulk, refillable stores. It's wonderful, but it's very very hard to find something like that that is also affordable and isn't at the best end of the market. [...] Actually, for a group of neighbours to get together and say 'Ok well, we all use lots of rice and salt. Lets get together lets buy in bulk and then it becomes cheaper for us.' You probably are then reducing the amount of packaging [involved]."



Art by @gen_fts


"We've got galloping climate change. We should be planting olive trees now. We should be planting the trees that the climate will catch up with. [...] Actually if you planted a large mango tree now, by the time it's fully grown it'll probably be yielding mangos."




"[There are so many] opportunities for things like experimentation with cultural dishes [when] you don't always have access to the imported vegetables. [...] How do we recreate this thing that we really miss? And create something new that's actually London's Caribbean food, London's Indian food or London's Columbian food that's got its own identity?"






Join the conversation by sending us your vision for the future of Lambeth in writing, images, video or sound. What would your local community be like in 2030 ?




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